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Cardiovascular/Heart Health

ArteClear: Blood Pressure

Helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. Not for stress-related blood pressure issues.

Cardiovascular/Heart Health

ArteClear: Cholesterol

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range. Prevents stagnation in the digestive system and moves Blood. Herbs are added to nourish the essence.

Cardiovascular/Heart Health

ArteClear: Circulation 2

ArteClear Circulation 2 combines the best of traditional medicine and integrative herbal information in a formula that promotes healthy circulation and optimal cardiovascular protection for lifelong heart health. We use the most advanced research to select ingredients and combine multiple complementary herbal extracts with known benefits. Studies suggest that the ingredients in ArteClear Circulation 2 promote cardiovascular health in several ways, enhancing antioxidant protection and healthy blood flow and circulation.

Cold & Flu

Attack 1

Rejuvenates a healthy body's natural defense system and immune health. Regulates occasional nasal congestion.

Cold & Flu

Attack 2

Rejuvenates a healthy body's natural defense system and immune health.

Blood Sugar Management

Bitter Melon

Use as part of a healthy diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support

Calm & Clear

Regulate general anxiety and stress.

Personal Care & Specialty


Promotes healthy clear skin. Causes impurities to be expelled through the skin until the skin is cleansed. Treats Yin Deficiency in the Liver and Stomach which gives rise to Stomach Heat or Liver Fire which in turn manifests as acne in the face and upper body.

Cold & Flu


Promotes relief from an occasional productive cough.

Blood Sugar Management


Regulates healthy blood sugar levels.


Dry Cough

A modern formula that rejuvenates typical conditional symptoms with pronounced lung congestion and difficult phlegm expulsion.

Personal Care & Specialty

Female Tonic

Promotes energy balances normal blood circulation and helps stabilize female hormones. A deep-acting Blood and Qi tonic.

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