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Personal Care & Specialty

GI Tract: DeTox-It


Regulates internal or external inflammatory conditions.

Digestive Health

GI Tract: Gastro Soothe


Gastro-Soothe may be used in acute stomach distress due to overeating or eating the wrong type of foods.

Personal Care & Specialty

Ginseng Qi Tonic


Use as an adjunct to an exercise program to increase endurance in sports and athletic competition and muscle mass. Improve and support cognitive functions.

Brain Chemistry



High-delivery essential nutrient formula designed to support healthy brain chemistry and cognitive function; promote balanced energy and peace of mind. Please keep Grounded in the refrigerator

Women's Health



Regulate obstructions, blockages, and spasms in the lower abdominal area. Can be combined with Kidney Tonic.

Personal Care & Specialty



Supports the structural foundation of hair and supports normal hair growth.

Pain/Injury Support

Headache Release


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Headache Release combines all-natural ingredients to support brain, head, and neck comfort with a unique herbal formula designed to strengthen the body’s defenses against stagnation.

Liver/Hepatic Support



Formulated specifically for cleansing, regulating, and rejuvenating the liver.

Liver/Hepatic Support



Strengthen and improve liver detox function and restore the depletion of Qi. A tonic formula.

Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support



Use for occasional anxiety or nervousness. Has a regulating effect on the nervous system.

Personal Care & Specialty

Kidney Tonic


Based on a Japanese Kampo formula to rejuvenate degenerative conditions due to aging.

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Limbic Balance Evening Formula boosts the sedative, tranquilizing and anti-compulsive neurotransmitter serotonin, and provides an array of nutrients and cofactors to support the stressed and depleted brain.

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