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Preparing for Old Man Winter with:

Compared to OTC drugs, heavy doses of Vitamin C, gallons of orange juice, and washing your hands until they wrinkle, herbal supplements are a dream come true! Many of us have been introduced to herbs using the common cold formula Gui Zhi Tang, Yu Ping Feng San, or everybody’s favorite, Yin Qiao San (Yin Chao). The part that isn’t a dream is that colds and flu have become more complex and these formulas have not changed to keep up with the times.

I’ll never forget looking at Pacific BioLogic’s Cold and Flu Formulas. I was struck at how technologically advanced these formulas are: not only do they use renowned Chinese herbs but include American herbs with superior antibiotic and antimicrobial properties simply unavailable in Chinese herbs.

Stage 1) Treating Illness Before Getting Sick

Pacific BioLogic’s Natura-Mune 2 is a Fu Zhen modeled formula that has both a strengthening and restoring combination of herbs using the profound healing power of fungi and mushrooms. Natura-Mune 2 is a balanced tonic (strengthening) that tonifies Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang without being overly warm or hot like many other tonics can be. This is a great formula to take throughout the cold and flu season of September through March. Natura-Mune 2 can be used as an adjunct cancer therapy in Chinese medicine supporting and stimulating deep energy systems within the body to make it stronger and more resistant to degeneration. 

Stage 2) The Weakened System

Pacific BioLogic’s Weather Beater helps ward off viruses and bacteria when taken at the first sign of colds or flu. Weather Beater often stops progression very rapidly and can be used as a quick added protection when traveling, mingling in crowds, or among individuals who are ill.

Stage 3) The Compromised System

Pacific BioLogic’s Attack 1 for cold/flu with a sore throat, swollen glands, fever, stuffed sinuses with yellow mucous, and headache. There may be the beginning of a cough or constricted feeling in the chest. Advise your patients to take this formula every 2-3 hrs. until the symptoms change for the better. Then, when the symptoms improve, they can begin to reduce the frequency. Attack 1 can be taken continuously for up to ten days. By then (usually in 1-5 days), the symptoms will have either changed or gone deeper into the system (commonly the lungs). This would call for a different formula (such as, for example, Pacific BioLogic’s Cough or Dry Cough.

Pacific BioLogic’s Attack 2 for Toxic Wind Heat penetrating to the interior. It helps to relieve viral and bacterial-based flu symptoms such as sudden onset of sore throat, body aches, fatigue, nausea, fever/chills, headache, and dizziness. Attack 2 can also be used for feverish or systemic bacterial or viral infections, or to help manage conditions such as mononucleosis, mumps, strep throat, non-specific feverish conditions, and difficult-to-treat bacterial infections. Take two capsules with warm water every two hours (between meals if possible) until symptoms are relieved. This formula can be taken for up to 10 days if heat symptoms are still obvious. This is a much colder formula than Attack 1. There needs to be a clear picture of excess Heat. Once the symptoms are relieved, stop the formula and use the restorative formula Natura-Mune 2.

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