Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support

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Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support

Calm & Clear

Regulate general anxiety and stress.

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High-delivery essential nutrient formula designed to support healthy brain chemistry and cognitive function; promote balanced energy and peace of mind. Please keep Grounded in the refrigerator

Pain/Injury Support

Headache Release

This formula is based on TCM principles and uses herbs accordingly. Wood Betony is the only Western herb in the formula because of its effectiveness. Non-aspirin.

Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support


Use for occasional anxiety or nervousness. Has a regulating effect on the nervous system.

Limbic Balance Evening Formula boosts the sedative, tranquilizing and anti-compulsive neurotransmitter serotonin, and provides an array of nutrients and cofactors to support the stressed and depleted brain.

Limbic Balance Morning Formula boosts the energizing, alerting, motivating, and attention-focusing neurotransmitters.

Sleep & Stress/Anxiety Support

Soothing Sleep

Promotes a restful and refreshing sleep with no morning-after side effects.

Brain Chemistry


A complete program to help overcome cigarette smoking and minimize non-smoking symptoms.

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