Personal Care & Specialty

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Personal Care & Specialty


Promotes healthy clear skin. Causes impurities to be expelled through the skin until the skin is cleansed. Treats Yin Deficiency in the Liver and Stomach which gives rise to Stomach Heat or Liver Fire which in turn manifests as acne in the face and upper body.

Personal Care & Specialty

Female Tonic

Promotes energy balances normal blood circulation and helps stabilize female hormones. A deep-acting Blood and Qi tonic.

Personal Care & Specialty

GI Tract: DeTox-It

Regulates internal or external inflammatory conditions.

Digestive Health

GI Tract: Hemorrex

Rejuvenate hemorrhoids — works rapidly to clear Heat and Stagnation from the Large Intestines.

Personal Care & Specialty

Ginseng Qi Tonic

Use as an adjunct to an exercise program to increase endurance in sports and athletic competition and muscle mass. Improve and support cognitive functions.

Personal Care & Specialty


Supports the structural foundation of hair and supports normal hair growth.

Pain/Injury Support

Headache Release

This formula is based on TCM principles and uses herbs accordingly. Wood Betony is the only Western herb in the formula because of its effectiveness. Non-aspirin.

Personal Care & Specialty

Kidney Tonic

Based on a Japanese Kampo formula to rejuvenate degenerative conditions due to aging.

Personal Care & Specialty

Oral Solve

Rejuvenate gums and mouth.

Personal Care & Specialty

Qi Tonic

(Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang/Tonify the Middle & Augment the Qi Decoction/modified)

Tonify Spleen and Kidney Qi, Tonify blood.

Immune Support

RMA (Red Marine Algae)

Wildcrafted Pacific BioLogic's RMA (Red Marine Algae) has shown a marked ability to increase immune response already within normal levels.

Personal Care & Specialty


Regulates thyroid balance.

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